Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Adventures of Koda

As requested, here is the latest pic of Koda. I haven't posted a pic for a while and it came noticed by a few of my followers. I didn't realize how popular she was! Neil thinks she should have her very own blog or newsletter! Just like her mom, she always has a story to tell.

Work In Progress...

I'm constantly being asked of what quilt I'm working on. Well, this time I thought I would do something totally different for another change. I'm in the process of building a "Rumbleford Bag" (I love bags and lately I've noticed all these really neat patterns using charm packs etc). This is a class that my good friend Nellie Holmes is teaching at Taylor's (I talked her into teaching it just one more time so that I could attend). I have it laid out on my design wall where the next step is to machine quilt it and have it ready for the final class where we will finish it. I'll post the final product when completed.

Show n' Tell

This past weekend was Jess's (Tyler's girlfriend) 17th birthday.
I just gotta share with you this pic taken at her birthday dinner that included Tyler & Jess's friends. As you can guess, I am very proud of them both and had to include them in a "show n' tell" segment of my blog. Happy Birthday Jess from The Cassidy's!

Spring Fling Round Robin

Here is the final 13 quilties made in the Spring Fling Round Robin. I own the 3rd quiltie as previously mentioned in one of my posts. I made the last border on 5th quiltie and did the machine quilting and binding on the 6th quiltie (the quiltie after the Spring Fling logo). This exchange kept the postal system active and many quilters around the globe busy the past several months trying to meet deadlines. It was quite an experience and I am very pleased with my results.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring Fling Round Robin 2

The results are in!! The first 13 Round Robin quilts revealed!! There are a lot of miles put on these quilties and I am very pleased and proud to say that I had the opportunity to partcipate. If you recall, for a few months I sat on "pins & needles" waiting for my parcel to arrive in Portugal to have the 2nd border added on. Take a look at the end result...quiltie #2 with the peacock appliqued in the middle. It is absolutely stunning especially the stipple quilting used in the border!! You will also recognize quiltie #7, the center block from a previous posting in my blog. Each and everyone of them are so unique and to think of the journey each one made around the globe! There are a lot of thrilled receivers!! I'm one of them! Kudos to Margaret Gunn (hostess) for organizing the Round Robin. I'm sure there were many times that she also sat on the seat of "pins & needles"
I'm hoping to be invited back for Round Robin 3. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Next Best Gift!

In a previous post, I mentioned my favorite gift received this year for Christmas was a calendar. My second favorite gift is a tablecloth with matching napkins hand embroidered by Neil's mom, Pat. Each stitch is beautifully done! I am absolutely thrilled to now own one of my very own tablecloths since I have been admiring Pat's work for a long time now. (Lord only knows how many times I dropped a hint or two!) This is what Pat does to keep herself busy since she doesn't like to sit for very long without doing something whether it be a crossword puzzle or handiwork. I should also mention that she is 85 years of age!! I'm looking forward to the next time that I have guests over for dinner and I can show off my exquisite tablecloth made with a lot of love.

Christmas with the Cassidy Family

Yesterday, January 4th was our Christmas with Neil's Mom & Dad and family. We delayed our Christmas with them since they were gone over the holidays to Nova Scotia, Canada visiting John & Rachel (Neil's oldest brother). Everyone joined us in Brockville even Jackson, (Chelsey's boyfriend) & Jess, (Tyler's girlfriend). Since it was their first trip to the big city, they ventured out to take Koda for walk to the St. Lawrence Park to see the waterfront. The afternoon was spent piecing together a Mickey Mouse Vintage jigsaw puzzle. Even Alf rolled up his sleeves and got in on the action!! They worked non-stop for 3 hours, took a dinner break and finished the final pieces shortly thereafter. Of course, Koda wouldn't want to be left out of anything!! She had to make her presence known a few times with the guests. Cody was wise and spent the afternoon cozy by the fire!!