Monday, December 29, 2008

Favorite Christmas Gift Of All!

Christmas has quickly come and gone after so many weeks of planning and preparing for its arrival. As always, I like to ask the kids what their favorite gift was. Each one gave me their answer and then I thought what was mine?? I would have to say with no hesitation that it has to be the "Cassidy Calendar 2009 Edition" made by Neil's niece and nephews, Jack (14), Simon (12), Iain (11) and Robinson (9) that we received all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada. The drawings are computer composed with lots of color and creativity. I am so thrilled with my calendar (because the kids took the time to do 12 drawings, printed them, made into a calendar and sent in the mail in time for Christmas. As well, apparently there were also some goodies that Rachel sent along but some how was consumed very quickly by Neil but that's another story) that I would like to share with you each month from now until the end December 2009. The first one, for January of course, is "Snowfort" by Jack. I hope that you will enjoy along with me the upcoming year of monthly drawings!

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