Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Adventure...

Neil and I recently went on a week long Mediterranean cruise. First time for both of us.
We flew from Montreal to Paris, switched planes, on to Barcelona were we boarded the ship. From there, we sailed for the next seven days with stops in Marseille (took a smaller boat to Portofino), Savona (visited the ancient city of Pompeii), Napoli, Palermo, Tunisi, (yes, Africa), Palma De Mallorca (our favorite stop of all) and then back to Barcelona. I could not possibly show all the pictures that I took so I chose some of my favorites to share with you. We spent most days sightseeing at each destination since with both enjoy architecture and history. The one stop that we didn't enjoy was Tunisi, Africa. We had been warned by the ship crew not to head out alone and that it was recommended that you went with a tour guide for obvious reasons. I was very uncomfortable at first because of the stories that we were told but eventually relaxed as our guide made the excursion interesting and humerous at times. He took us to a couple of markets which was a real experience!!! They will sell you anything!! It was a short excursion and I was more than happy to return to the ship. I did however see a couple of camels walking through a field. The meals on board (dinner was a six course meal every evening) were absolutely wonderful along with wine!! The flight home from Paris to Montreal had to be the longest flight in history (or so it seems). We were seated the row right behind the wall. No place to stretch your legs out (the plane was jammed full). I had finished reading my book well into the flight with nothing else to do for the next 3 1/2 hrs!! Eventually, we arrived in Montreal. Canada has never looked better and I was glad to be home back in Brockville, Ontario.