Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend at the Cottage

This past weekend we spent time at our cottage on Bobs Lake which is located outside of Westport, Ontario. This is our 2nd summer at the lake which is thoroughly enjoy by family and friends. The 1st pic is the view crossing the bridge to the point where our cottage is located. Next is Tyler getting back from being out on the water with the SeaDoo. Of course, my blog wouldn't be the same if I didn't mention Koda. She certainly is "Daddy's girl" and wouldn't want to be left behind. Koda learned how to dive off the raft this past weekend only because she wanted to be with Neil. Saturday morning we found a "Great Blue Heron" sitting on our dock. We think that this is the same Heron that visited us on occasion last summer. What an amazing bird to watch in flight! The weekend went by too quickly. We spend the mornings getting our chores done and then the afternoon is spent having fun on the water.

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