Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Other Exchange

Here is a pic of the fabric that I have chosen for the centre block for the "Spring Fling Round Robin" exchange. I know exactly what I'm planning on doing...
I will post a pic when the block is completed. Stay posted until then.

Jelly Roll Diamonds

This is a quilt class that I will be teaching at Taylor's Sewing Centre this coming September. I've decided to shake things up a bit and work with fabric that isn't my usual colour/style. I've chosen Sandi Gervais "Fall Back in Time" jelly roll for this quilt. The first pic shows the fabric (burnt orange) that I will be using for the sashing and the green polka dot print will be the inset diamonds that surround the blocks. The second pic shows my angled pieces that I have put together after cutting the strips into 60 degree angles for the diamond blocks. Stay tuned for more work in progress pics.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Have You Seen this Fabric?

I am desperately seeking this fabric! It is from the Mrs. March's Collection (printed by Lecien). I'm in the process of putting together a Civil War quilt and this is the background fabric that I'm using. When I bought the fabric (end of bolt) I thought that I would have no problem locating more. As well, the quilt shop where I purchased it from said that they would order more in since it was a good seller. Since then, I have searched everywhere and the fabric is no longer available! If this fabric looks familiar and you know where I can purchase more...let me know. I need another 2 metres or 2 1/4 yards to complete my quilt. Thanks!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Other Canadian Post Card Swapper

I received this " Cup of Tea" post card in the mail yesterday from Vicky Christodoulou-Baker from Spruce Grove, Alberta. It's fun to receive a post card from someone living in your own country! It's also easier to mail a post card since I already own several .52 cent stamps. Just need to have the stamp hand cancelled and in the mail it goes. Thanks Vicky for the wonderful post card.

Booty Miniature Quilt Exchange - Phase I

Here is a sneak preview of the fabric that I have put together for the Booty Miniature Quilt Exchange. It's fine to show you the fabric but I haven't revealed the project yet. Some of the fabric I already owned but then made a stop at "The Running Stitch" in Kanata, Ontario to add the rest. Of course, Chelsey noticed the purple fabric right away! I will continue to add "teaser" pics as the quilt is being constucted. Stay posted!

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Mail In...

More post cards in the mail this week...the first one is "Maps" exchange from Priscilla Handler from Welch, Minnesota. It's a map of Southern Ontario with a star marking Brockville. Priscilla has figured that its 1320 km from her house to mine! I'm thinking of a road trip. I love this card and the idea behind it. The second post card is "Flying Geese" exchange from Barb Heard from California. Flying geese are one of my favorites. This one is curved paper piecing with embellishments and beautiful stitching. Do you understand why I get so excited when the mail comes!!

Post Card Exchanges

For the past several months, I have been involved in two Post Card Exchange groups. This new found interest has become an addiction!! How it works is that the groups will post a "theme" and if interested, you sign up for that particular exchange. You then have approximately 4 weeks to design/create a post card and mailed to the other participants who also signed up. I have received post cards from all over the world...United States, United Kingdon and Australia! I would like to share with you a couple of post cards that I have recently received in the mail. The bottom one is from "Any Kitchen Item" made by Diane Pirtle from Gurley, Alabama. I get a chuckle everytime I look at this card. The chef looks very serious and determined! The second card is from Jeanette Walton from Powder Springs, Georgia. The theme was "G is for..." and Jeanette chose "Girlfriends". This card reminds me so much of my sisters and I twirling in our Sunday School dresses as we wait for Dad to come and pick us up. The top card is from Monica Feemster from Granbury, Texas. The theme is "Buttons". Very simple design but the colours are very effective and bright! I love them all!! Now you can see why I am so addicted to these groups. Beats getting a bill in the mail!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

IPM 2008 Quilt Competition Entries

I finally got my quilt entires completed and posted to arrive on time for the upcoming IPM Quilt Competition. This years competition takes place in Teeswater, Ontario which is 40 minutes from the family farm back home. The top pics show "Posey Patch" which is a pattern by Buggy Barn. This quilt is for the "Long Arm Machine Quilted" category for the competition. I've included a pic of the backing of the quilt. Anyone who knows me always flips my quilts over to see what "minature quilt" I incorporated on the backside. Whenever there is a seam in the backing, I always use up leftover fabric to make the backing more interesting. The bottom pic is my 2nd entry for the "Wallhanging" category. This wallhanging took me two days to piece! Lots of fabrics from the stash were used for the construction. Both the quilt and wallhanging were machine quilted by my friend Tammy Spencer, of Johnstown, Ontario. She was able to do an "Overnight Express" job with the wallhanging. I came off the night shift last Friday morning, slept for a few hours then squared the wallhanging up and attached the binding/label/hanging sleeve. My other entry only needed a hanging sleeve. Both were completed, boxed, sealed and mail by 5 p.m. from Brockville. Nothing like working under pressure!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Village of Westport

One of our cottage rituals is whenever its raining, we head into the village of Westport, Ontario. Westport is a small village that seems to survive only in the summer with all the tourists or cottagers. The village consists of quaint little shops to browse through. Of course we have our favorite stops...The Village Green & Pinecones. We highly recommend Tangled Garden for lunch. You can bet that whenever it rains, this restaurant is always full of the locals and cottagers. The kids say that they serve the best pizza that they have ever had! Before leaving town, a trip to the Church Street Bakery for homebaked peanut butter or ginger cookies is a must. Here is Koda patiently waiting in the car for us to return.

Weekend at the Cottage

This past weekend we spent time at our cottage on Bobs Lake which is located outside of Westport, Ontario. This is our 2nd summer at the lake which is thoroughly enjoy by family and friends. The 1st pic is the view crossing the bridge to the point where our cottage is located. Next is Tyler getting back from being out on the water with the SeaDoo. Of course, my blog wouldn't be the same if I didn't mention Koda. She certainly is "Daddy's girl" and wouldn't want to be left behind. Koda learned how to dive off the raft this past weekend only because she wanted to be with Neil. Saturday morning we found a "Great Blue Heron" sitting on our dock. We think that this is the same Heron that visited us on occasion last summer. What an amazing bird to watch in flight! The weekend went by too quickly. We spend the mornings getting our chores done and then the afternoon is spent having fun on the water.