Monday, June 16, 2008

Tall Ships

Also this past weekend, three Tall Ships made a stop on the waterfront here in Brockville. Thank goodness I read the local paper or I wouldn't have known that they were here. My favorite ship was the with gold trim. As I was walking along admiring the ships, I noticed a sandwich board announcing that you could board the Baltimore Sunday evening and sail to Toronto, arriving on Thursday for $560/person. I stood there and thought it over in my mind and almost did it!! What an awesome adventure!! Then I got thinking...this would be a working adventure (that's okay, I can mop a deck), what if there was an annoying person on board? How would you ever get away from them on a ship? (throw them overboard). Also, I have to be back to work on Thursday (I could always call in sick...sea sick that is). Needless to say,
I weighed it out very carefully in my mind but thought I have too many things and deadlines this week so I stayed on land.