Monday, June 30, 2008

Chelsey's Prom

This past Thursday was Chelsey's prom which was held at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa (times have prom was held at the school's gymnasium). Pictured here is Chelsey and her friend/date, Jackson. I've never seen Jackson in a suit and in fact didn't even recognize him!! Sorry Jackson! Chelsey looked absolutely elegant! Neil was very proud of his daughter! It has been a busy school year for Chelsey since she Chaired the Prom Committee. Well done Chels!! It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Hope you had a wonderful evening.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ottawa Valley Serenade

Ottawa Valley Serenade is a pattern by my friend Irene Dewar of Brambleberry Cottage Quilts in Pickering, Ontario. I taught this class this past April at Taylor's, our local quilt shop here in Brockville. The quilt was machine quilted by my friend Tammy Spencer of Johnstown. The quilt has been passed on for a wedding gift for our friends Kim & Paul who are getting married this Saturday.
I got up early this morning to finish stitching the binding and delivered the quilt. Congratulations Kim & Paul!!

St. Lawrence River - 1000 Islands

This coming weekend in Brockville, Ontario, is Riverfest. Every year the festival puts on an "Island Breakfast". For a mere $10, you get on a boat at the St. Lawrence Park and cross the river to Refugee Island (the city of Brockville owns this island). Breakfast buffet style consisted of eggs, bacon/sausage, toast, baked beans, fresh strawberries and coffee/tea/juice. It was absolutely wonderful to have breakfast by the water and to see various wildlife. Here are a couple of pics I took from the boat. We are so fortunate to have a such a beautiful view only minutes away from the house.

Journal Cover for Chelsey

This a journal cover that I made for Chelsey on the occasion of her graduation from Brookfield High School in Ottawa. The back ground fabric is a batik, various trim, thread painting, or anything that goes with purple...Chelsey's favorite colour!! In the fall, Chelsey will be attending Carleton University and hopefully will keep up her "Creative Writing" which she won an award at her graduation this past week. Way to go Chels!! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments! All the Best!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Head Examined

I sometimes get carried away with too many committments or projects on the go. At times I get in over my head and it becomes overwhelming especially when I work full-time. I recently submitted my quilt entries for the upcoming IPM 2008 which is being held in Teeswater, Ontario. One of my entries is an "Ohio Star" using Civil War reproduction prints. I have had this in mind for several months but came to realize that I left it too long. The quilt has to be completed and in the mail to Ripley, Ontario by July 15th. This particular quilt consists of 165,
3 1/2" x 3 1/2" blocks (I only have five blocks done). I thought, "Okay, I think I can do this!" But it would mean I would have to sew madly for the next three weeks, and every spare moment to have the quilt completed. It was causing me great stress and as Neil mentioned to me, "I thought you quilted for fun!". No, stressing myself out isn't fun. So why would I do this? Needless to say, after examining my head, I decided that I have another quilt to put in the competition that is already completed and one that I'm quite proud of and there is no stress involved.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tall Ships

Also this past weekend, three Tall Ships made a stop on the waterfront here in Brockville. Thank goodness I read the local paper or I wouldn't have known that they were here. My favorite ship was the with gold trim. As I was walking along admiring the ships, I noticed a sandwich board announcing that you could board the Baltimore Sunday evening and sail to Toronto, arriving on Thursday for $560/person. I stood there and thought it over in my mind and almost did it!! What an awesome adventure!! Then I got thinking...this would be a working adventure (that's okay, I can mop a deck), what if there was an annoying person on board? How would you ever get away from them on a ship? (throw them overboard). Also, I have to be back to work on Thursday (I could always call in sick...sea sick that is). Needless to say,
I weighed it out very carefully in my mind but thought I have too many things and deadlines this week so I stayed on land.

Art in the City Studio Tour

This past weekend, was the annual Art in the City Studio tour in the Historic Downtown Brockville.
It's a self guided tour featuring local artists in the City of the 1000 Islands. My good friend/neighbour Linda Potter was featured on this tour. Linda creates wonderful jackets, quilts and unique dolls. She has always been an inspiration to me especially her embroidery and embellishments that she includes in each of her pieces. I particularly like the mermaid shown in the picture. Linda wasn't pleased with her facial expression. I thought she looked more like a "Frustrated Mermaid". Linda had a very good weekend and was pleased with the number of people that dropped by to view her work.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


One of my favorite comics is "Peanuts" especially Snoopy. Yesterdays comic certainly reminds me of Koda. She has become a sneak lately stealing food. From date squares,pork chops off the barbeque or the incident that occured at the Farmers Market. Oh well,she's a dog and is loved by everyone who meets her.

Monday, June 9, 2008

My Garden and Flower Beds

In the summer, I can be found puttering in my garden/flower beds. They have come a long way in the past years! The first pic is of my herb garden which I use all summer long when barbequing/cooking. The next two pics are of the front flower bed. And the last pic is of Lupins, my absolute favorite flowering plant. I saw a lot of these flowers on a trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada and I just had to include them in my own garden.
(Neil gave me a digital camera for my birthday...can't you tell. I've been having a lot of fun with it. I think he got tired of me borrowing his. Thank you Neil. You're always thinking of me!)

More About Me...

One great thing about fiber artists/quilters is having the opportunity to see their studio. I tells so much about the artist! I am therefore sharing with you pics of my studio.

200 Challenge

Recently, I participated in a "200 Challenge" themed postcard with one of my postcard exchange groups. The group had peaked at 200 members and the challenge was to use 200 in your theme. I decided to use 200 embellishments in my design. My postcard has made a new home with Leah Malasky in South Carolina.

Recent Trip Home

Here are a few pics taken on recent trip home to Celebrate Dad's 70th birthday. Top corner pic is Neil, my sister Shelley, and brother Les. Dad with his Birthday cake. Two of my nieces, Karlene and Kristin (aka Karl and Kris as Karlene likes to call one another), my nephew Kent barbequing with Neil.

What to do with the corner pieces??


Up early to start catching up from lost time in studio. Todays agenda...start working on yoyo challenge for Art4mail PC group. I have a few ideas. Thank goodness it's only a 4x6 area to work with. I belong to two PC exchange groups (Art4mail and Artsnthemail) which has become an addiction for me. Nothing else gets done when I'm working on an exchange. It's a lot of fun to received pc from quilters around the world (Norway, England, Australia and United States). As well, it's fun to read the emails from these ladies. There is always a topic of conversation of some sort.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where has the time gone...??

Returned from a weekend in Montreal with Neil, Chelsey and Tyler. The kids had a blast just wandering around the streets since most had been closed down for the weekend for Fashion Festival. Chelsey was thrilled to find her prom shoes...silver, strappy and elegant!! This find was definitely the highlight of her trip to the city! It was also fun to "people watch" since I am no expert when it comes to fashion. All in all, the weekend flew by, lots of walking, enjoyed almost every meal on a patio of some sort which the kids thoroughly enjoyed doing. Back to Brockville by train...a very civilized way of travelling. Tomorrow is catch up day before heading back to work on Tuesday.