Thursday, August 25, 2011

Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival Part II

One thing that I noticed at the Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival was the vendors selling endless collections of vintage linen. I heart linen! There were vintage pillowcases, tea cloths (you know those tea towels that people bought as souvenirs when travelling or the ones with the calendars on them. Oh you know what I mean and you probably have a few stashed away. Well, they are huge items!!) tablecloths, dresser scarfs, hankies gallore, along with quilts! Raise your hand if you like old quilts. I do especially this one that I spotted in one particular booth. Yoyo's! This quilt contained 7680 yoyo's measure approximately 1 1/4" in diameter. I struck up a conversation with the lady that was selling it. She found it at a Flea Market in Florida. Not only did it contain "7680" yoyo's, it was also heavy to boot! She let me pick up the one side and I cannot imagine sleeping underneath this quilt. I think it was more for display if anything.

Notice the color formation using shirting material. It was the most stunning/intriguing quilt I have ever seen. I wonder how many winters it took to make this one. Each yoyo was then handstitched to the next one. It kind of gave me the idea of making one myself but I'll start with a "doll quilt size" first.

I have more pics to show you from the Festival but in a later post.

Friday, August 19, 2011

And Yet Another Road Trip

Growing up, one phrase that I heard my Mom say repeatedly was "Close the refrigerator door!" Okay, that was one of many that she used. One that I had in mind was "If you get the opportunity to do something, you do it cause it may never happen again". I did listen to her and most of the time she was right. Aren't all Mothers? So with this phrase in mind, I headed out the door to the "Madison-Bouckville Antique Festival". Why? (Actually, that's what they asked me at the border when I crossed into the USA). Because it antiques and I love anything old/vintage looking!! The Festival itself is over 20 years old and takes place in the village of Bouckville, NY. Basically its fields, and fields of vendors with set-up tents and you walk around trying to take it all in while carrying a bottle of water cause it was hot!! There was everything that you could possibly imagine. For a day and a half, I walked around and tried to take it all in...

Vintage glass.

Row by row of teacups. Do you feel like you're at a teaparty? Church luncheon?

More dishes.

Everytime you turned a corner, there were more vendors, more stuff! It was heaven on earth!

As I mentioned, there was a bit of everything that you could imagine. Can you give me a hand? All in favour, raise your hand! (That's a knee slapper. Hardy har har!)

Vintage fans...heart it!

Another turn around a corner. I can't keep up to it all. Did I mention it was hot! 30 degrees, walking around fields. Lord have Mercy!

Your grandmother's washing machine!

Horse hid covered cabinets! A perfect gift for that "cowboy" on your Christmas list!

An assortment of "Froggies" used in floral arrangements. They're just really neat to look at let alone use.

Vintage sand pails. The smallest one had a price tag of $95.00. I think mine was left out in the rain a few times. If only I had known the value!

Kitchen utensils.

A moosehead. An antique festival/show would not be the same without at least one of these showing up.

Old wooden building blocks.

As you can see, there was something for everyone. Quilts, linen, furniture gallore, pictures, old frames, dishes, dishes and more dishes. I have lots more to show you in a later post. Stay tuned!

More Time Needed!

One question that I'm frequently asked "Where do you find the time to do everything that you do?" I'll be the first one to admit that my plate is usually full at any given time. I have so many things that I would like to do or needs to get done. The list is long and never ending. I don't do a lot of quilting in the summer, due to the temperature in my studio and I have too many outdoor projects that need attention. Our summer months here in Ontario, Canada is about four months long and goes by quickly every year. This summer I finally got the side garden finished. I hauled wheelbarrels full of mulch for what seems like days and I still have a pile left in the lane way. And of course there is the usual grass to cut, weeds to pull, vegetable garden and flower beds to tend to. Painting is almost done. Just have to paint the front steps and the skirting under the front porch before the end of summer. I'll get that done too! I was able to get all of these tasks done between 12 hour shifts and a lot of early mornings before it got too hot (I hate the heat!! Hate humid weather even more!! Perfect summer weather for me is about 26 degrees with a breeze!) I took a few days off from the yard work to have some fun because you can't work all the time. Ya gotta make time for the fun!! A few road trips were in order. One thing I did get accomplished by setting aside some time (I can do this quite easily after coming off a night shift) was put together the above pictured baby quilt for Neil's niece. It's a pattern by "The Pattern Basket" and I used "Lily & Will II" fabric by Rabbit Hill Designs. And of course, the quilting was done by Tammy Spencer who loves anything by Rabbit Hill Design! I used flannel backing since the winters are very cold in Calgary, Alberta. I hope they like it?

Enjoy your summer! Make time for the things that you enjoy doing! I do!! All the time!
Except vacuuming!! I leave that for rainy days.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Powder Room Breaks in Style

When on a road trip/travelling, one must consider from time to time that at some point ya gotta stop for a "BR break". Sorry, but stopping at gas stations just doesn't cut it. It's kind of gross and you never really want to touch the knobs, taps, doors etc. (I will confess to being somewhat of a germaphobic!! Big time!!) It's called careful planning and scouting out the next stop. Heck, whenever I'm downtown Ottawa, I always plan my "BR break" to include the above pictured Chateau Laurier. They have the cleanest bathrooms and they also have uniformed doorsmen who actually hold the door and say "Bonjour Madame". That's class! What woman doesn't like having a door opened and having French spoken to them even if it's a short salutation.

On my recent trip to Maine, I travelled along route 302 through New Hampshire and just about choked when I saw this place (plus I also needed to take a BR break!). This is Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods. The original "Y shape" hotel was built in the early 1900's by Joseph Stickney and is considered a National Historic Landmark. Apparently, the place is haunted by Joseph's wife, Carolyn who summered at the hotel. Word is that her ghost haunts the tower suites and she has been known to turn lights off and on. I heart ghosts stories/hauntings!!

Check out the bathroom on the main floor used by guests.

The view from the other side as you walk in.

After having my much needed break, I took some time and walked around this amazing hotel. Look at the scenery!

Golf anyone?

The verandas were endless and actually wrapped around the front of the hotel. On this particular visit, there was a wonderful breeze blowing through and I could have curled up on the wicker furniture and lazed for hours. Oh summer living!

Of course, I had to make a tour of the inside.

Looking out towards the veranda. Couldn't ya just sit for hours here and look at the mountains! Read a good novel, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine or two.

One of the hallways leading to the lobby.

Here is the lobby just as you walk in the front doors.

Now do you understand why I scope out the perfect place to stop, pee and have a look around. This hotel is open to the public for viewing and they actually hold the doors open for you and wish you a "Good Day".

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well, Colour Me Happy!

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything! Sorry about that! Life gets busy especially during the summer. What have I been doing? Gardening, gardening, weeding, weeding. Where have I been? I took a little road trip to Portland, Maine. Why? Cause I always wanted to go there and see Old Orchard Beach!

I'll show you some brief highlights of the trip. I'm still organizing all my pics that I took along the way. Here is the famous Pier! Lots of people to be found everywhere! There were some people that looked like they had been laying there for weeks or months at a time with an inch thick tan. Seven miles of beach. It's funny how time sits still when sitting on a beach. Or is it that time just doesn't really matter when relaxing period.

The best part of Maine...Lobster rolls!! I took the notion of "googling the best lobster roll in Old Orchard Beach" and it showed "The Brunswick". Perfect! I knew exactly where it was since it was right by the pier and I had walked by it the previous day and didn't realize it carried the title of "The Best Lobster Roll". They weren't kidding! It was heavenly! It was devine! It made my heart sing! It was the very best I have ever tasted along with a cold beer cause it was hot! 36 degrees to be exact! There was a really nice breeze blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean so one really didn't notice or mind the temperature. Hey, I was too busy inhaling my lobster and suds.

I took a "Lighthouse Boat Tour" one evening. Does this picture look familiar to you? It's a famous lighthouse that has been photographed and painted for years. This lighthouse is found on Cape Elizabeth. Sorry, but the pic is a little jiggly. I was on a boat and it was windy to boot! Plus it was getting cold and I had to move fast.

Pictured on this rock/boulder to the left is a flock of birds but look to the right towards the end is grouping of seals. There had to have been about 30 of them just lazing around watching us go by! This definitely was the highlight of the tour!

So there you have a quick look at my adventure! I will post more pics when I get them organized and put a story together for you. Next posting...where to pee in style! Wait for it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Many Faces of Dakoda

Who likes to share pictures of your beloved pets? Raise your hands. Ya do! So do I! So without further ado, here she is!! Dakoda. In case you haven't been a regular reading of my blog, here is quick recap of Dakoda over the past four years since we adopted her. Dakoda or Koda, came upon us only days after we lost our previous golden. We fell in love with her the moment that we met her and as my friend Colleen says "it would have been wrong to leave her behind". Koda is quite the character and actually in fact is a "drama queen/Henny Penny/the princess" and a few other names which I will not mention when she wants her way. Yes, she is demanding (not later, NOW!) and Lord help you if you leave her behind (she will chew you out)! We have lots of stories about Koda and a few incidences which weren't funny at the time but we do reminisce which results in a good chuckle. I can't imagine our lives without her. I ask Neil from time to time of what he thinks she was like as a puppy (she was 5 years old when we adopted her) but we can only use our imagination to answer this question. We cherish her little quirks, her lovable disposition (she loves to cuddle), and continue to let Koda be who she truly is. A little person in a furry coat of red fur.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Heart Yard Sales!!

My favorite day of the week has got to be Saturdays! No doubt about it! Especially during the summer months. One likes to get up early, have a coffee, read the morning paper and then scope out the yard sales advertised and make up a plan of action (a.k.a. google map). I love yard sales! I love it!! Loveitloveitloveitloveit!! This is exactly what I did this past Saturday cause I was off and Neil was at the cottage (please keep in mind that Neil likes yard sales as much as I do but he kind of peters out after a while. He is more than patient with me but he doesn't have the zest like I do). I mapped out my route. Yes there were quite a few yard sales and garbage, I mean garage sales. Sometimes you find nothing and then sometimes it's "jackpot", "paydirt"! I hit "jackpot" a few times. Did I tell you how much I love yard sales! Most of the decor in my house comes from yard sales and I'm proud to say so! I like to think that I'm recycling and reusing, no longer needed items.

Saturday specials...twig flower pot holder Free!!!, rose cookie tin $.50, bouquet of roses picture $2.00, metal cake stand $1.00 (the rust was included for this low, low price) and the cute little tea pot $.50! I was over the moon with my purchases!! You never know what you will find unless you stop and take a look.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

I downloaded the pictures that I had on my camera. It was time since there was a pile building up and I like to keep things neat/tidy/organized. These pics are basically "random" and really only have a quick blurb to say about them. Basically, "show n' tell" will take place in this post. Above pic, "bleeding hearts". With all the rain we have had lately, everything is lush and green. Here is the proof if you haven't noticed when you're out and about.

Here's Dakoda doing her favorite thing. She loves playing fetch and the frisbee picture is her absolutely favorite toy in the world! Did I mention that she likes to play fetch? It's endless! From dusk to dawn, it's her favorite thing to do.

Got extra plates piling up in the cupboard that really don't belong to any setting in particular? Head down to the Dollarstore and pick up some "plate hangers". I look at this bare wall at the back of the mudroom while I'm doing the dishes. It needed something. I needed something to look at and then I got this big idea. Total cost for this look...$8.00 plus tax. Don't have enough plates or don't want to break up the set that your Cousin Patty gave you for a shower or Christmas gift? Hang them up! It's the "in thing" right now in home decor. I just took it outside.

My good friend and neighbor, Linda Potter made this elegant bag for display at the "Brockville Art Center". The colours are much richer in person. Isn't it elegant? Wouldn't ya just want one for yourself? I tried walking home with it but Linda notices these things.

She also made this bracelet. Linda does the most incredible beed and needlework. She truly is an inspiration! She let me try on this bracelet. I felt like Cleopatra!! It was heavenly but I had to give it back. Linda said so. She notices these things.

I'm the first to admit that I liked all the rain we had for the first five days. And then I had enough and wished that it would stop. But what I got in the end was lush ferns at the front of the house. I admire them everyday!

Here she is again. She is so cute, she can't help it!! Still playing fetch in this pic. Glad Neil has a strong arm cause it just might fall off from all the pitching involved when playing with Dakoda.

So there you have it. Random thoughts of a few pics from my camera. Aren't you glad you logged on to my blog? You just might have missed out on something very special or important.

Thanks for joining me in my photo journal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

$13.99 Plus Tax

Many years ago, I purchased this basin. I got it cheap. Real cheap. Many years ago. Did I mention that already? I've used it to display folded up towels with pretty soaps in the bathroom. That's pretty much the use that I got out of it. I never once used it to serve pasta or a salad. It would have worked well but I didn't do it. Not once. Ever. Honest. But the past many years (fifteen or more) it has been tucked away waiting for its next purpose in life. A few times it did cross my mind to give it away but I never did. I held on to it. However, I got an idea. There is nothing like snooping around a garden centre on a Saturday morning. I just love looking and getting more ideas. And I did...

See my basin's next purpose in life? I saw these stands at the garden centre and thought "Hey, I can do something with this!" and immediately came up with "bird bath". So there you have it folks. A bird bath for the grand total of $13.99 plus tax. I'm not sure if anyone has used it yet. It doesn't matter cause it looks pretty next in my flowerbed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the First Day of Reno...

On the first day of reno, my true love gave to me...a crow bar and stud finder (giggle, giggle). In case you were wondering, it finds studs in the wall not these kinds of studs...

Oh George. Where have you been?

Alec Baldwin then, not now. But he was pretty good in "It's Complicated"? Wouldn't ya say?

Oh Harrison. Same goes for you. You were really looking like an "old geezer" in "Morning Glory". But not in "Indiana Jones". Gracious!! Mercy!!

Okay, back to the renovations. I'm working through another "Ugly Room Makeover" in the house. Next is the spare bedroom. It has so much potential!! I really needed to think this one through. And did I ever think about it. All winters worth! That's what I do on my commute to work. I think! And think! A lot of the times, my ideas come in the middle of the night and then I can't get back to sleep because it's hard for me to shut it down.

See what I mean (minus the junk). The ceiling has this "butt ugly" office tile. Grody! It was a handy man special.

So, this morning I tore out the ceiling using my crow bar and remove about a million staples that held the tiles up with a pair of needle nose pliers. God, I love ripping things apart. It has got to be one of many favorite things to do. When it comes to renovations, I do the thinking/planning/prep work and then Neil helps me with the building stuff cause he's the man with the tools (snicker, snicker). He has a garage full of every tool that you could ever want or need. Also, he's pretty handy to have around. Next step is to do some measuring and make a trip to a sawmill for some cedar. That's all I'm going to tell you. You're just going to have to wait until I post another updated pic.